Fuel Services

Economic Benefits Without Infrastructure Costs

VNG is working with fleets to create a network of CNG fueling stations in major metro areas. We’re installing CNG fueling equipment in stations along routes that are convenient to your fleet drivers. We are where you are.

Our fleet fueling program utilizes existing retail stations giving you access to both CNG and gasoline for bi-fuel NGVs. We take responsibility for the purchase, installation, maintenance and ownership of CNG fueling equipment…all at no cost to you.

When you choose VNG.CO’s CNG fueling services for your light-duty Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs), you optimize your fleet’s profitability through:

  • Reduced fleet operating costs. CNG is significantly less expensive than gasoline. With the VNG.CO national fueling network program, fleets can typically reduce their cost of fuel (one of the largest operating expenses for a fleet) by as much as 40% or more. Using cleaner-burning CNG also results in less engine wear and tear compared to gasoline, reducing your maintenance costs.
  • No cost of fueling facility ownership. VNG takes full responsibility for the purchase, installation and maintenance of CNG fueling equipment at “in-the-market” retail locations – letting you focus your attention and resources on your core business.
  • Protection from rising gasoline prices. Thanks to vast domestic resources, natural gas prices are expected to remain low and stable compared to rising costs for imported oil, protecting you against market volatility and uncertain global economic and geopolitical conditions for years to come.

Every time your drivers fuel with CNG, they reduce your fleet operating costs while also demonstrating your commitment to a stronger America and cleaner air, with a low-emission, domestically abundant fuel. With CNG, you can help support American jobs, improve the environment, and reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy.